In–Home Laundry Service with our “Laundry & Light Cleaning”

Call us crazy but we love doing laundry! We will collect, sort, wash, dry, and fold or hang as many loads of laundry in each visit as we possibly can for you with the allotted time. The primary purpose of our “Laundry & Light Cleaning” service is to do your laundry. Our secondary focus as we wait between loads is to “touch up and pick up” your home. Therefore, cleaning is not the primary focus and is provided at the pace and level that time and laundry needs allow. Touch up cleaning includes a quick tidy and some “daily tasks” like loading the dishwasher, making beds, or picking up toys. Your feedback on priorities will be utilized to tailor the service to your preferences. An initial complimentary 15 minute “Laundry Consult” is provided on your first visit so you can show us where clothes go, where your dirty clothes collection points are, and what touch up areas are most important to you. 

Laundry Day Success Guidelines

  1. Our primary focus on “Laundry & Light Cleaning” day is laundry.
  2. We will collect towels, underwear, t-shirts, socks, baby clothes, children’s clothes, etc. from hampers, floors, chairs, beds, couches, etc.
  3. After folding clothes we will put them away or leave them out per your specifications.
  4. We will hang clothes in closets – let us know if we get it wrong on some locations.
  5. Dry clean only items must be in a clearly marked, designated receptacle separate from regular wash items. We do not accept responsibility for damage (make sure you only have us wash items that are washable and not “dry clean only”).
  6. We do not do any ironing.
  7. We wash all loads with cold/warm water on the “quick cycle”.
  8. We dry all loads on the “quick cycle” – we can discuss heat sensitive or air dry items.
  9. We will use your laundry detergent, booster pods, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.
  10. For better chances of successful stain removal, you should treat the stains promptly.
  11. We will not use bleach. Please provide laundry booster pods for whitening.
  12. We will make every effort to wash and dry the “hard stuff” first (socks, clothes, t-shirts) and try to only leave the “easy stuff” drying if we run out of time (like towels or large bulky items).

If you have regular cleaning every other week or monthly, we recommend scheduling “Laundry & Light Cleaning” in between visits. If you have weekly service, we recommend you pick a second day of the week for your “Laundry & Light Cleaning” day.